Blown Motor 03' YZ450F

My boss has a White brothers built YZ450F that has a blown motor, at least I think. the bike leaks coolant like no other from just about every conceivable location.

My consensus is that it ran out of coolant and he kept riding until everything overheated, warped and finally shut down.

OR he was using the high performance coolant/ WATER with no antifreeze protection that may have froze and expanded causing the same situation.

My question is how could i get a decent motor, or the best way to get rid of it for $1000.00.

It will be very hard to sell for $1000. $600-800 would be closer to right.

Used engines show up on eBay all the time. If you decide to sell as is, use Cycle Trader, Craigs List, or the classifieds here (not the forums :ride: )

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