Microfische for older bikes

Does anyone on this site know where I might be able to locate the microfishe,on-line, for an '82 Yamaha MX 80? My brother-in-law gave me a couple to fix up for my kids and I need to come up with part numbers in order to "shop" for the best deals. I found one site that went back to '90, but that won't do. Thanks, Chris

This guy has microfiche for every bike ever made at a reasonable cost, $10 each or so. http://www.angelfire.com/fl/cyclemicrofiche/index.html

I bought fiche for a '74 Yam DT360A, and a 78 DR370. Your local library (unless you live in Podunk, but even there...) has a fiche reader you can use, and some even let you print out what you see on the reader for a dime a page or so. Helps when you get tired of writing.


Bill in Colo: '01 WR426F, '98 KLX300R, '01 TTR125L, '78 DR370, '74 DT360A. (My wife is a saint!)

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