Colorado riders and central city/St Marys

About 4weeks ago I was on the road (county dirt) road that most people that ride up there take to get back to the trails when a local flagged me (and my wife) down. He was angry and upset that we were on "his" road. While he didn't get jumpy (I weigh 245 without gear and about 6'1") he did explain his displeasure with having "You people" in his backyard. I kept my temper and apologized and left the area.

Last weekend, my group (with kids), lead by my brother was in the same riding area, but about 3-4 miles deeper in the woods. They were back much farther in the woods on the 4wd trails. This person had parked his truck on the trail and was accosting riders and groups of riders. He would tell them to pull over and cut the engine and act like he had info they needed to have, then he would verbally assualt whoever was closest to him. That lucky person was my brother. My bro, realizing this guy was upset, shut off the bike, waived everyone past and on to the camp and tried to talk to this guy. In the process he managed to push his way into "faceoff" space. My brother remained calm, even though this guy was using foul language and being extremely insulting, pointed out that we were in a public forest, and pointed out that we were well away from any residences, and that, by the way, we paid taxes to. About this time a couple of this guys friends show up, asking if there is a problem. At this point my bro detached himself from the situation and left.

The reason I am writing this is to warn/remind/data gather about this guy. Has anyone else run into him? Has he threatened any one else? Has anyone seen him accosting other riders.


For mercy's sake DON'T hit this nut!!! This is going to become an issue in the county and in the town. Make sure we all stay clean with this guy. He has to be stupider than he is being now before we, as a sport, are going to look innocent. But, if you do run into this guy, please share the info with me. One of us (riders) is going to end up in court over this nut. When that happens, I want to be able to prove that his actions were harrassing and intimidating. And hopefully keep this area from becoming a closed area. But we, the dirt riding public, will lose completely if one of us loses our temper and "educates" this gentleman. If he is silly enough to resort to violence, I hope we have witnesses around that will speak out for us. If not I hope we can prove his guilt by a preponderance of the evidence.

Thanks in advance for your help.


i will keep a eyeball peeled for this guy.


I ride up there all the time. I usually ride from Nederland, up over Apex, and back down to Alice, and around Miner road. I've never run into any issues from the locals up there, but it's been since last fall since I've been up there do to the snow. Then again, I don't really pay any attention to anyone who even starts to tell me I cannot ride where I KNOW I can ride :) !! I let y'all know if I happen across this hapless individual. And, I'll apologize up front, for I'm not a terrably patient (nor physical) individual when it comes to uneducated people telling me what to do.

Big mouth, faster bike :D:D !!

Dodger :D:D

What road are you talking about? I've ridden up there many times from Fall Rivers Road or through Empire. I've never run into anyone that psycho before. My wife enjoys that area but I'm not so sure I want to take her up there this summer. Can you be more specific on the road?

Yes, where is this place so I can be sure to stay away. I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone.

His buddies just happened to show up huh. Sounds like a trap to me. Seems like he is instigating a fight while his buddies wait in ambush to finish what he started. Seriously, I would really watch this guy.

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Blocking the trail!!! Is it a 4wd road or a single track? I've seen a couple of trucks going down single track trails where they shouldn't be is the reason I ask. Did you get his license plate #? I would at least report this guy to the forest service and maybe even the county sherif before the situation escalates into something that none of us want. I'm sure we would all like to "teach this guy a lesson," but like Race says, we need to keep our cool. Knocking this guy on his A$$ won't help us, it would only help his cause. If I run into this guy and he starts to go off on how we don't belong there, I'll just start revving my engine so I can't hear him and ride off!! What an A$$!!!

Why not just call the local Sheriff? If you do it now, you have "history" that you can fall back on if it does come to a head. I agree that smackin' this bonehead is a bad idea. Call the po-po.

As long as you aren't trespassing (sounds like you aren't) you have as much right as he to be there.



There are two locations involved. Both of which we have seen rangers and even stopped to talk to the sheriff on. None of them had an issue with the public using these roads.

The roads in question are as follows: If you go to central city and turn left and go all the way up through blackhawk, you will come to a dirt road that branches three ways right by a cemetary. Most people park here and ride back into the trails. The first incedent was about 100 yards from the parking area there. The second took place down the middle road and up about 2 miles of 4wd trail, altogether about 3-4 miles from the original incedent, at a 3-way t in the road. Both my brother and I stopped because we thought this person needed assitance.

I think I probably will call and chat with the sheriff I think the first thing to do is find out if we are breaking any laws, I dont think so because, as I have said, We have stopped and chatted with the local constabulary on these roads before. The rangers have no issue with us being there, they just remind us to stay on the trail and have fun. And we never cross fence lines. Ever.

This guy is about 35-40, 5'9" or so, dark hair, loud mouth, pointy fingers, desprately in need of pornogaphy or company, Black 4WD truck. no description on friends.

keep your eyes open. If I see him again, I fully intend to let him know that I have reported him to the local cops, and warned other colorado riders about him, but, will continue to ride where its legal period.

If you ever see a money green expedition with a "Yamaha Factory Racing" sticker in the back window, stop by and say "hi" cause thats me.


Jason :)

Dan, and Dougie,

All incedents take place closer to parking areas than the trails. I agree that his "Friends" were definately there waiting as back up.

Even so, assualting someone my, or my brothers size, with full riding gear on, just seems idiotic. Not saying they wouldnt do it, but, like everyone says, just dont stop for this guy.

He even went as far as telling my brother that "if he wanted to ride up here he should buy property up here, but you probably can't afford it can you??"

My big mouth would have said something like great idea, I will buy right next to you and build a motocross track for me and my friends....then I will put in lights so we can ride at night :):D

Just glad it wasn't me again.

Isn't this just what we need, another uni bomber type right here local.


Thanks for the detail. We usually park on Falls River Road and ride in through 243. We end up going to Central City / Blackhawk quite a bit for a beer and some quick gambling (pretty funny to watch the dealers faces as we walk up to the table in full gear). I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the info and warnings.

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