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06 cr250 jetting help needed

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well got a great deal on new 06' cr250 in the winter and with the extra money i saved i got v-force 3 reeds, fmf fatty, powercore 2 SILENCER and assorted guards. when spring came i fooled around with the carb. i wasnt sure what i was doing so i took it to a local shop to have it looked at. they said with the mods it did not need to be jetted. so they tweaked the air/fuel and the idle and it ran fine. the problem i have is that when the engine is cold it kicks over first or second time but if i ride for a little bit and get the engine warmed up it constently dies and is very hard to get it started again (dozen kicks or constent kicking with the throttle wide open. i looked on line about jetting and followed some instructions and with the carb stock and the air/fule 1 1/2 turns out i have to turn the idle screw almost all the way in to get a decent idle. the air filter is clean and i run 111 octane pump gas (one of joys of living near chicago motor speedway). i'm 90% woods rider 10% track with 2 years experence. just ordered a 12oz flywheel and 51-T sprocked to try to help fix my riding. what in the hell am i doing wrong, am i going in the right direction. sorry about the long post wanted to give as much info as possible. thanks for anything

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