No Hot Start

I rode my friends YFZ quad yesterday. How is it that they get away with no hot start and work good.

The Estart works way better than my WR also.

And why do we need a push pull throttle cable when the quads have a single cable on the gay thumb throttle ?

It's not fuel injected is it?

I thought that some of the quads had FI:excuseme:

no, it has a carb just like our bikes.

Just tap the starter and it fires way quicker than my WR.


My 450f has a hot start naturally..yet I never use it...Really dont have a problem with it not starting . But yea.I have wondered the same thing..although my 700 Raptor is need for h/s lever ..damn..wish that motor was in my 450 frame..

My hot start valve froze up the first year I got my 06 WR450 but I never need it anways I just blip the throttle a little bit when it's warm and it starts right up. If your bike has a hard time starting you might need to adjust your valves.

since I put the YZ cam and pipe on my WR, I usually need the hot start

I was just surprized how easy the quad lit up everytime

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