cleaning air filter????

i have a new foam filter that i oiled before i rode. went through a lot of mud and sand. hows a good way to clean it? i do have a amsoil kit. can i blow the sand out first?

The way I clean air filters is in a plastic bucket with a lid. A 5 gallon will work, but they are about 20% bigger in diameter than they have to be, so if you can, find a smaller one. Put two gallons of mineral spirits in the bucket. Dunk the filters and squeeze them out repeatedly until clean, then hang them out to dry overnight. Then oil them and hang them out for 8-9 more hours to drain off any excess, and reinstall.

Do not discard the solvent. The dirt you wash off the filters will settle to the bottom and stay there reasonably well. You will be able to clean filters with this same solvent for months before it eventually becomes so saturated with filter oil that the filters are almost ready to use as soon as they dry (but oil them anyway). I just changed mine that I've been using since November, washing 6-10 filters a month.

The system works best when you have at least two filters per bike. Oil one a day in advance, then remove the dirty one, clean it, hang it out, and install the new one.

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