Trailtech settings

Allright I just got done doing countless searches here for the correct circumfrence numbers to punch into my panoram. I know I saw it in a post somewere. Does anyone know what it should be set at. Right now I have mine at 2154 but I have a feeling that I am off a bit. Anyone have numbers a little closer. Its on a 99 yz400 should be the same size as any other bike here. HELP!!

Tire type, size, wear, pressure, and body weight can all affect the circumferance. The most accurate way is to mark the ground and tire at the same spot. While sitting on the bike roll forward until the tire does one complete revolution and have someone else mark that spot. Then measure the distance. It's a pain but...

Thats how I got my origional reading, with a tape measure and rolling the bike on the ground. Its a little tough doing this by myself though. So my tape readings may be off a bit. Im running a Dunlop D756 80/100/x21

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