2001 YZ426 Manual??

Hey guys does anyone have a recommendation on which manual to buy for my 01 426.Clymer, Haynes, or factory. I just bought the bike and I'd like to have a manual to back it up. I read some posts suggesting a download from Yamaha but I didnt find anywhere on the site where you could get it.

I am partial to all factory manuals but Yam is expensive at around $80 bucks

If anyone has one laying around... I'm all ears.


OK, but you are going to have to do this yourself:

Go to the index page for this forum:


Find the Common Threads Sticky, near the top of the page (the one that says "Look here first")

Scroll down near the bottom of the list to where it says Miscellaneous, and find the link to the manuals. The Euro site works the best.

BTW, using the search function and typing in "manuals" pulled up the link to the manuals in each of the top 4 hits. :)

yes - get the free PDF and print it 2x at work - (I didn't say that OK!)

It's got everything and every spec you'll need for a complete teardown and rebuild.

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