How do you de-octopuss 99 WR400?

Is there a link or website where instructions are available to de-octopuss my 99 WR400? Thanks in advance!

some pictures hereclick

we also have a write up on the technical board. however the jetting in it is no longer valid-just the procedure to get there.

your standard PAJ #75 is the best as well as the small starter jet. stick with the original DTM needle as it's best and go to a 40PJ and 168MJ. this is for up to 2,000ft BTW.


Excuse me being dumb here - where would I find the technical board


Taffy - Did I read somewhere you where going to the Manx GP this year?


I Did Not Know That The Octopuss could be found in so many places.....

Your must have moved around alot.. :)

Bonzai :D


we seem to have lost the tech board with the recent changes, that's a shame.

maybe someone knows how to get into the old articles.

the manx? i raced there 7-9 times and have gone evetry year since dot. however due to expanding my holiday sports business and using the full six weeks, i won't be going this year.

i went in'00 and did every trail on the island and it was awesome.


What is octapussed :)

Is that some sort of code word the WR guys have for crashing while trying to pass a YZ :D

Seriuos what is it


The Octopus is the mass of external pipes on the carb.

There was a good article on removing the pipes on TT before the recent changes. It told you which pipes to remove, which holes to bung up and which to reconnect elsewhere.

Someone must have saved it to disc?? Maybe they could put it where we can find it?


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