Favorite triple clamp? I'm shopping...

Just wondering what most here are running. Brand, bar mount offset (if any)?

I recently purchased a 99WR and want to put a set of Pro tapers on it.

Any one selling?


I just ordered an Applied "wrap" style triple clamp and "woods high" Pro Tapers for my '99. They should be in by next week. I've talked with a few riders with this type of TC setup and nobody has anything bad to say about them. I got them from Rocky Mountain for $210 + shipping. If you don't care about how the headlight mounts, you can get the "works" style Applied TC and Pro Tapers set for $190. Motosport Outlet has the works style set in stock for that price and the shipping is free. (The works style has front pinch bolts. The wrap style has side bolts so that the headlight brackets mount properly.)

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I just recieved my "Scotts Combo" today, Can't wait until tonight so I can install everything. It sucks that I won't be able to test it out for atleast a couple more weeks.

Bonzai :)

BRP's clamps are awesome. They make the clamps for Scott's . www.brpit.com Whatever clamp you order I would suggest ordering it set up for the Scott's dampner or some type of dampner. Even if you don't get the dampner now. It will save you money over having to order 2 sets of bar mounts.

PM me if interested. i can get you good price on both.


you've got mail.


If you do get the scotts, which I suggest, you should get the weld on clamp. Lately I have had problems keeping my bolt on clamp tight. I am about to order one soon.

Since the mount for the scotts works in only one offset, even though the risers can be moved to different settings, you should do your homework and figure out which offset you want before ordering. The scotts mounts run about $60 apeace.

BTW, I love my scotts damper. It has saved my butt more than once.

Dan :)

How about Rubber Mounted Triple Clamps?

Have someone tryed one?

I like this idea not geting so much hits on my hands!


I even wander why do you guys change your Triple Clamps? What's wrong with the stock one?

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Originally posted by sabin:

I even wander why do you guys change your Triple Clamps? What's wrong with the stock one?

I put a Applied top clamp on my bike for one reason. With the stock you cant put ProTapers or an oversized bar on your bike. Also I like the option of being able to move my bar mounts further forward and up. You cant do any of this with the stock TC.

I use BBR trips, upper & lower. I used their standard bar mount with rubber grommets underneath. This raised the bar 5 mil. and cured the numb fingers I used to get.

I agree about the Applied clamps...good price, good product.

Why change them? I really like the ProTaper bar I have and it won't work with the stock clamp. I also like the bars moved forward some, personal preference I guess..




Check out the Scotts web site, they now offer a kit that mounts the stabilizer down low like a WER.

Applied are really sharp and can be used with any bar and lots of adjustability. Only drawback is that they do not come with the pinch bolts. And a few ounces more than stock.

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