Head Pipe Glowing at Idle on 02 wr426?

I am new to this bike and had not noticed this before. All of a sudden The Bike seems to be lean (did not have a lean bog off idle last week), however if I crack the throttle at idle, it will stall (severe lean condition I think)? The pipe will glow cherry red (4-5 inches down the pipe just idling for a couple of minutes (3 or so) from a cold condition. Do they all do this or should do you think something happend inside of carb to lean this out. I did go through a very deep water crossing and the bike skipped for a while when I got through. Soon after, it overheated when idling for a few minutes (after a full day of riding) with no problems before that.

I am confused as what could have happened to the bike. Once off bottom end, it seems to run well with good throttle response and power It just has a bad low end (just of idle bog when throttle is cracked) and I think it is running way too lean at idle. Just cannot figure out what would cause this all of a sudden???


Please read the FAQ section at that is posted at the top of the page. Totally normal to have a red header at idle.

Not a problem

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