WR450F aftmkt pipe

anyone knows about an aftermarket pipe for the best of the best wr450f??

There are alot of choices...

1st, there's my #1 choice Thunder Alley. They are hand made to order, one by one, and just a work of art. You can even get them ceramic coated which is a great looking pipe thats very take very little maintance. It's a low end pipe as well. Give great gains from the bottom & through the mid range without sacraficing anything off the top end. They are also on par with any good system price wise. They are only 250 bucks. Spark arrestor is extra and so is the ceramic coating. Takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get one once it's ordered. Call Bob at Thunder Alley & he'll let you know what's up and how it works. He also said to me that the stock head pipe on Yamahas don't need replacing. They are very efficient and only suggests replacing them if they are damaged.

2nd choice would be Dr.D. They are more of a mid to top end pipe but damn good. Little more expensive & I think you can get them as just a slip on. The full systems are probably 2x the price.

3rd would be Yoshimura. Great pipes, just not too quiet. Again a top end pipe. A buddy of mine has one on his DRZ & it made a huge difference on that bike everywhere.

Last for now, would be FMF Q. Only if your looking for something a little quieter than most. A db or two quieter than stock with just a tad bit of gain in power up top.

That's my 2 pennies worth...

thanks Steve do you have a phone number of Thunder Alley, or web add.? I'll be receiving my 450 on jan 30 app.

yeah good luck on the jan 30 delivery date. every month it's ... oh it'll be in next month. at this rate we'll all be getting 2004 wr450f's with the damn delay !! i knew i shoulda just got the CRF450 like i was going too !! but noooooooo i had to have a bike with a headlight. what good is a headlight if the damn bike isn't here yet !! i want my bike and i want it now !! i think we should start a "I'm tired of waiting for my WR450F fan club " this really sux !! :)

you're right, i just sold my wr250f 2001, just a rocket, and im getting crazy when every weekend my friends say bye bye herading up for desert, mountains or just the back yard. I'll go for that funclub!!! be the force with us!!!

Phone number is (559) 584-8109 & talk to Bob Murray. Also ask him about jetting too. He'll be able to let you know what you'll probably need. Good Luck & enjoy the new beast.

Just contacted him, great guy.... by the way do you know any brand for radiator,, and engine protections. I use to buy DEVOL's but they dont even know when they'll design them. i'm getting afraid about this bike, can´t get any accessories.

Check out Dr.D for the radiator braces. They aren't as beefy as the Devol but they are nice light braces. The skid plates I'm not sure. Since the bike is new it may be a little bit before they are available. But this is a pretty popular bike so I wouldn't imagine it'll be too long a wait for aftermarket stuff to be rolling out.

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