Heat Shield for Big Gun?

What is the hot setup to keep this pipe from burning through my pants? I am running a Big Gun header/pipe and it has no heat shield. Is does have remnants of the previous owners riding pants burnt on the header. Since there is nothing on the header (no nuts like stock) how do you mount something to prevent this?

Good question...wish I had an answer for ya. But on that topic, ANy ideas for how to stop a FMF PC IV pipe from burning through my right side number plate? I've got the useless silver heat tape-no luck...


My old XR400 came with a parts box including a muffler for an ATC 70, I cut & re-shaped the heat gaurd & re welded the threaded insert's to the pipe, looks pretty sano. I torched 2 sets of leathers before I modified a heat shield. I dont know how to post pictures here, if you want I can email you the pics

I have the stock header (insisted it was included when I bought the bike)and heat shield which I am sure I could adapt as suggested above. The problem is, and this may sound lame, I really don't want to go welding on the ceramic coated head pipe. I was hoping someone knew of something clamp-on so I did not have to mar the finish on that pretty pipe. Maybe I'll change my mind after my first crash on that side. :)

Go to the hardware store and buy some 10 cent stainless steel hose clamps works great. my friend has that setup on his titanium DSP header.

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