Ratbike Sumo

With the price of heating oil in the stratosphere I had to part with my new Buell Ulysses. I had been wanting another sumo anyway, but want to avoid another trip to the bank to grovel for a loan. Found an '00 WR400 locally that needs to be put back together for...$400! Missing the carb and tank, but everything else is there and is in very good condition.

Not too worried about making it legal as I've already spoken to the DMV and the lady was very helpful (yes, I was surprised!).

In keeping with the thrifty theme, I'd like to fit some sportbike wheels as they are much cheaper than the spoked units. I know they are a bad choice for any aerial maneuvers, but this will be strictly street. Anyone know what may fit without a lot of hassle? I do have access to a friend's machine shop so no problem doing some alterations. I was thinking mid 90's YZF600, but not sure.

I searched and didn't see any suggestions...

Spent a couple of hours searching on there. There was one YZ with Katana wheels, but that was it. Maybe I'll just buy rims and spokes and lace them myself...

you could just buy the hoops and spokes, to lace with your stock hubs...

get the heavy duty tubes and continental sm tires(great value)

check ebay or smj's classifieds for the front brake setup

sprockets and chains are cheap

your done!

I've got Suzuki GSF250 Bandit wheels on my '02 426. The sprocket carrier had to be machined closer on the rear wheel and the front wheel had to be machined to work with the WR speedo drive. All new spacers had to be made up front and rear and a front disc adapter had to be fabricated. I got a rear disc off a GSX250 which has the same bolt pattern as the GSF and got it machined down to fit the WR caliper. I got all the machining done for free so this was a very cheap option for me :) and all in all not that hard. And I'm very happy with the result :D.



I'll never miss a chance to pimp my sumo out.

They are cbr600 F3 wheels. The front will bolt right up after you just grind a small lip off on the left side by the bearing and make new spacers. I used the cbr front disk flipped backwards with a relocation bracket that I made. The rear is a bitch though. Over 6 hours of machining went into that baby.

This thread has some good info. http://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=23543&highlight=cast+wheels


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