How do you know when your clutch is bad?

I was just wondering how do you know when your clutch should be replaced? I have to let the clutch out almost all the way to get my bike to move and when I am in 4th gear I can hear it rattle when I let off and get back on the gas again. Just want to make sure it needs to be replaced before I buy a new one. Thanks

Adjust clutch and adjust chain.

Usually when you`re clutch is used enough that you have to change it, it will start slipping. You will feel it.... The motor revs but you feel that the power is not transfered to the rear wheel. If the rattle is only in 4th gear I wouldn`t suspect the clutch.


Adjust the cable at the lever. If all the adjustment is gone there (it is the fine adjustment), adjust it to the middle and then adjust it at the top of the crankcase just above the shifter. Then see how it feels.

Good luck,


Oh yes, back to the post name. You will know when the goes vrrrooomm, vroomm and your feet are still on the ground. Or it starts acting like a Revloc.

Good luck,


make sure you are using the right kind of oil.

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