Questions about 2003

Looking for some advice, I have a 2003 yzf450 that I m looking to sell or part out. Bike runs awesome but looks a little rough. Do you guys think I should part it out? Or just sell it whole(1250.00 or so). I have no idea what the engine is worth.:)

The problem with parting it out is that you need buyers for each specific part, this can take a LOOONG time, so unless you're willing to sit on it, I'd be selling it as one piece.

Anyone buying it should have a good idea of it's condition even though it looks rough.

there are lots of things you can do to help improve it's looks without spending a dime - scrub the plastics with magic eraser, it'll make the white spotless - use a heatgun on the blue plastics that have the stressed whitish appearance - it'll bring the blue back to normal, future floor wax will bring the shine back to dull plastic... plus many other things

The engine could be worth $800 or much more in running order (the head was once worth $600 by itself). The introduction of the '06 + models has taken some off the prices, but buyers are still out there. The wheels may bring $400. But after that, it's harder to sell the stuff, and you have shipping to deal with. Like Matt said, it can take a while, too. Find a deal on a new graphics kit, a new rear tire, and generally spruce it up, you might get $1800-2200 for it, no?

do you have any pictures of the bike? other than looks are there any other problems with the bike?

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