gps & delorme 3d mapsourse

i have both garmin topo and delorme 3d topo mapsources.when it comes to viewing the area and terrain there is no comparison delorme's 3d capability blows garmin away.does anyone know if delorme mapsources can be loaded into madgellan gps's?here is a example of maps that can be made with delorme software and tracks from gps "delorme 3d map"

You got my interest. I got to their web site and as I can understand they only offer NMEA connection with the gps without uploading maps. I'm not surprised as gps production companies want you to use their software. The only way to make your map (I know of) is Lowrance mapcreate 4 with OziExplorer and OziMC. The combination of this softwares enables you to make your own maps, but only for lowrance gps's and unfortunately only for the old models as Mapcreate 5 and 6 are not compatible with OziMC.

what makes me mad about garmin is i cant even save map image as file that can be posted on web.garmin mapsources only let you save them as [.msp] which can only be opened with garmin software.i think Garmin is trying to become the next microsoft monopoly.

It's only garmin, I think all of the gps companies are like that. My lowrance can save 10000 trail points and I can export them, but they are not importable. This little function is all I need so I'll be able to make my own routes using trail points. I think this industry is waaay back in software functionality. I'm sure everything is on purpose. They are giving us the functions little by little. Morons, I'll probably not use gps when I'm 70, ot maybe I will use it to find things I forgot where I put :)

Why don't you use the printscreen function and then paste it in some image editor. On larger areas you can combine the printscreens in one larger image...

Why don't you use the printscreen function and then paste it in some image editor. On larger areas you can combine the printscreens in one larger image...

i tried doing that,it doesnt let me highlight and paste.when i save it for printing it becomes .prn file and i dont have any imaging software that will open or edit .prn files.i guess i could print map then scan the printed sure image quality wont be the greatest since i dont have that good of printer.i cant believe they charge so much for mapsources.especially when they limit the ways it can be used.they are forcing people to resort to pirated software.operating gps isnt cheap [rino 120 gps $230][my mapsources delorme topo $99 garmin topo $99 garmin road&rec $99][batteries $20],[headset $20],[charger$25 ]and [ram mount $40] thats $634 [thank goodness i dont believe in paying retail]

In what program are you trying to paste it?

Another possibility will be to install printer driver Linotronic 930, then print to file, then rename .prn file to .ps, then using some PostScript software like this and you may be able to convert it to image. I did not know all the functions of GhostScript program, but a friend told me that it has this function...

I found a program called Expert GPS. I think it was $65 at . They have a free trial program. I use a Magellan Meridian and was using MapSend - Magellan's topo software, but not any more!

Expert GPS downloads its maps from several sources (USGS, National Geographic are two), but it also downloads aerial photos. The photos are very detailed, down to where about an inch equals 250 ft. Using the photos (and some of the topos) I have found good trails in places I thought I knew every inch. It also lets you scan any map, calibrate the program to the map & plot points and routes onto it. It has a neat search feature that lets you search its database of points for other points near one you know. I am real happy with this program. Take a look at thier web site.

groundhog,thanks ive heard a couple other people say expert gps software is very good.ive been thinking about getting it but didnt want to spend $ waiting for the pirated version.

There is a bunch of software available but none of it can do everything.

Delorme Topo does make very nice looking maps. The GPS data handling sucks.

Garmin Mapsource finally got decent tracklog editing feature but does fall short for nice looking maps.

My favorite for GPS Data handling is OziExplorer. You can even create tracklogs from scanned map data. But the catch is getting the scanned maps.

The best freeware using aerial photos I have seen lately is USAPhotomaps

This is only this stuff I have used before. There is alot more out there including the FUGAWI and ExpertGSP metioned in this thread that I haven't played with.

Us GPS gadget freaks should keep in touch and share info.

the biggest problem with testing different mapsources is they are too exspensive.nobody wants to spend $400 or $500 just to see what mapsource offers best visuals and editing features.


What do you mean by $400-$500 for Mapsource? My Road and Recreation CD was less than $100 when I bought my GPS III plus many years ago.

Now there is all kinds of Mapsource products but the only difference is the map data. The PC software has a common interface and menu options. The editing features for waypoints, tracklog and routes are the same for all the different products.

All the GPS manufactures gouge for their mapping products. They have discovered the mistake IBM made when the started dealing with Microsoft. You don't make money on the hardware, the money is made on the software.

i was just trying to say in order to decide what mapsource is best for a individuals needs he would need to buy mapsource software made by each different company. delorme3d topo is $99 garmin topo,roads&rec,metro,etc... are $99ea. bluechart mapsources $99ea. national geo. mapsource $99 if you were to buy 1 mapsource made by each of these companys it would cost at least $400.


BIG Thanks for the link!!! This is exactly the program I'm searching for. It allows me to edit and make trails for my lowrance ifinder and finally I'll be able to make routes using trail functions. My gps is capable of having 10 trails with 10000 points each, so imagine how many routes can be made. I also can save data to and read it from my memory card, so I have virtually unlimited space... 10x again!


Now I understand,

Mapsource is the Garmin software with the downloadable GPS maps. Any good Garmin Dealer will be sure to sell you a Mapsource CD with your new GPS purchase.

All of the other software Freestyle mentioned is just GPS mapping software. None of this map data will download to your Garmin GPS. All of this software will pull the tracklog and waypoint data you collect from your GPS. Most of the software except for the Delorme Topo will reload tracklogs back into your GPS.

A GPS forum dedicated to the off road rider would be a great place to talk about GPS Software and stuff.

Note to Brian B.

Since the traffic on the Dual Sport forum has dropped to a trickle how about renaming it 'Dual Sport and GPS'

I'm willing to moderate....anyone else willing to help? Like someone fully geeked on Magellan GPS hardware and software. I got the Garmin end covered.

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