Is it true that the timing on the WR i 1 click lame???

Can't understand what your saying (man)

Wild guess here. The cam timing on the WR is 1 sprocket tooth retarded? If that's it, yes.

Good luck,


Lame is a subjective thing. The timing works... In tight rocky rooty stuff it may be considered a benefit. For fun roosting and power situations it lacks, but still works, you just need to run higher in the revs to get it... You don't need to run a flywheel weight.. The bike is probably easier to ride and more forgiving. Lame? I don't think it's lame, but it is different. Now if we could just flip a switch and be able to get both when we want it...

As I understand it, the WR 400 has its exhaust cam timing advanced,, earlier exhaust valve opening and closing, with less overlap relative to the YZ 400. This is equivalent to one tooth on the cam sprocket. If you want to get more bottom and mid hit you can retard the exhaust cam by one tooth. I got the kit from Baja Designs, good instructions, jets, needle, good price.

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Wow, another brain fart. I was thinking of the change from WR to YZ being retarded. You're right.



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