E-Line Multi-Sport Kit

Has anyone installed the E-Line dualsport kit?

$599??!! Good Lord! You can build your own "kit" for less than $100 with a WR450. All it takes is a set of turn signals, a horn, and some switches.

You're right, though, it does seem well thought out on the seller's part, from a profit potential point of view. Those dual sport kits are a gigantic rip-off. I should know 'cause I bought one once before I knew how easy it would be to make my own. That was a waste of about $500.

i spent $400 on the baja designs kit for my xr600... never again. the only thing that was left of that when i sold it was the headlight, and the wiring harness.

couldnt keep a bulb in the talilight.. the rear turn signals kept breaking, the horn quit, bla, bla, bla. my 450 will be done the cheap way.

What would be the best way to install turnsignals?

If I were to build my own kit I'd use those mini sportbike lights you can get thru Lockhart. Maybe use a 3-way toggle or retro a switch from a factory dualsport...

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