What is Ceramic Coating?

I have read about Ceramic Coating on the YZ forum and it seems to be a good thing to do to your headerpipe.

Now, what IS ceramic coating?? how is it done? is it some powder put on the metal and then heat treated? (like metal bathtubs). Is it only done on the outside of the pipe (i thinks thats the case, but want to know).

I need to know in order to find a place that can do Ceramic Coating here in Sweden and you cannot translate Ceramic Coating into swedish. I think it is call "Emaljering" in swedish but am not sure.

Can someone please help me with some answers,


There were several threads on this subject last year but they seem to have disappeared during many of the TT moves and upgrades.

Heres a link to the site that everyone was buzzing about.


Bonzai :)

Thanks Yamakaze!

And all my wishes for a speedy recovery for You.


Here is the actual site that we were talking about on the YZ site . www.embeeperformancecoatings.com

also they give a discount to TT members . I am sending them mine on Monday . They promised me a very quick turn around and a very good price . I checked with the jet hot site and they told me $169 and about two weeks total with shipping here in the states which isnt that bad considering the time of year it is . I just hate to have my bike held up that long . By the way ask for Jeff Conrad :)

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