yzf rider going "W"? info please

I am currently riding a yz250f and I love it. But I am thinking about buying a Wr 426 to dual sport it. I currently ride trails and a motocross tracdk or two, which I don't want to give up. That being said, I am by no means competetive on a track. I would like to be able to get over a lazy, undemanding double or two, but no illusions of doing more in the air. Is the WR426 light enough and snappy etc. th have fun on a track? Does it perform well in the woods?

I ride my WR on the track all the time. It rips! I can ride the WR longer and I think a bit faster than my 2000 CR250 I used to ride on the track.

The WRF is very trackable. It does not have any problems keeping up or passing the best of riders. The weight is not an drop dead issue for what you have in mind. This bikes power makes up for the extra weight. The biggest problem is the stock seat tank combo will keep you from getting your weight as far up to the front tire as a YZF would in corners. I have purchased a 2.2 Galllon Replica Tank and YZ seat for this purpose. This bike Wrips on the Track and excellent in the woods and I am sure it will do a great job as a Dual Sport depending on how much you really want to travel on the road.


2001 Wr 426 A few mods Most of what cost nothing

2001 TTRL 125

2001 PW50


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