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Christmas Came Early

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Well, I've been wanting some street gear for a while now.....but man that shit is pricey. But lately my speeds have ramped up to the point that I feel I actually needed it. So I did some looking around and found some good deals. I picked up the Teknic pants for cheap, roughly half price. When it came to boots, I've never owned a street boot in my life and didn't really know what to look for other than some hard protection for the old shins and such. I went and tried on about four different brands the other day at a dealer, and nothing even came close to the Sidi's. Not in comfort, not in fit, and certainly not in protection. I had no idea a boot could be this comfy out of the box. I really had a hard time parting with the cash for them, but they were 20% off and after reading some reviews online that night and searching for a better price I went back and got 'em. I've never been one to skimp on gear, no need to start now.....it just took me a little bit to scrape up the cash.

Gotta love UPS



The Sidi's have a pretty nifty adjustment system to cinch down around the top.....you turn this little knob


And it pulls on this strand on monofilament to tighten the fit around the top and calf area


Large air vents on the outsides





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Those are some good looking road boots... I am jealous. I can't bring myself to even try on a pair of Sidi's just because of the price.

Yeah, don't do it if you dont' wanna be like me going back to buy 'em a day later. Like I said I tried on four different brands that day, and the Sidi's were leaps and bounds above the rest. I'll tell you a secret though.....Setup boots are made by Sidi and can be had for around $129 new. I ride with a guy that has them and he loves them.


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