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Can't get headlights to work????

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My 1990 XR250 headlights stopped working. Here are the facts, and I am hoping someone here can help tell me what do do/check next. My wiring diagram looks just like this XR400 here


- I measured voltage at the headlight(blue-green) and under the seat

(pink-yellow or Blue-Green) and it is about 8VAC at idle and 6-7VAC as

I rev the engine. I also noted that I had about 3VDC according to my


- Unregulated voltage as it comes out of the alternator (pink-yellow

wires removed from system) is about 20VAC.

- I measured about 1ohm across the alternator coil and the regulator

measurements checked out according to the honda shop manual.

- I still thought it might be a weak alternator and I wanted brighter

light anyway, so I rewound the stator myself using the files from the XR650R Yahoo user group with a parallel winding circuit, and now I get better unregulated voltage and a nice ~0.6 ohms across the coils :D

-After the stator rewind, my regulated voltages were about 9-10VAC,

3VDC, and unregulated was 20-30VAC+, but still no lights.

-So I bought a universal 2 wire AC regulator, removed the honda regulator, hooked honda's Blue&Yellow wires at the

Yellow on the new regulator, and Green&Pink to the Black wire on the

regulator. Note: Honda Green wire is tied to Chassis under the seat.

-But I still have ~10VAC and 3VDC measured by my DVM under the seat

between Pink-Yellow and no lights????

-I checked continuity between the black regulator wire and ground and

the yellow regulator and Yellow alternator under seat, and I seem to

have good connections.

-It is a new bulb, but I have never seen it work yet.

Where did I go wrong or what can I check next?!🙂

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