GNCC TV: Official Times and Dates!

The television schedule for the 2002 GNCC Series on the Outdoor Life Network is here! Starting July 7th, the shows will air every Sunday from 5-6 p.m. EST on OLN. The coverage promises to be first rate too.

I spoke with Racer Productions this morning. Footage from the Amateur ATV and Bike Races will be shown as well as the Pro A/B classes.

Get those VCR's Ready.

Bonzai :)

I can't wait!

What the heck is the OLN?

Never heard of it...

Hick. Outdoor Life Network. Got to have premium cable. :)

[ June 07, 2002: Message edited by: FOX426 ]

Direct TV; 1 up or down from Speed Channel 607 :)

Outdoor Life Network.

I hear the coverage is coming from the same folks that cover the outdoor MX series.

Man I wish there was a GNCC near me! :)

Originally posted by FOX426:

[QB]Hick. Outdoor Life Network. Got to have premium cable. :)

Thanks. That ain't available in my area. I have cable internet, but can't get digital cable with all the extra channels. Oh Time Warner, how I love thee... :D

Several of my friends have Direct TV (or whatever), I've channel surfed there on occasion and I still don't think I've heard of OLN. I'll look again. I'd love to see some off-road coverage on the tube!


I'll be recording them as they are televised. Reming me when it get's closer and I'll make you a copy. I raced the first 5 this year and they were awesome....

Bonzai :)

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