What size Timesert for oil drain hole?

I did some searching and I believe the size of Timesert to get for the oil filter drain bolt was 6.0 X 1.0mm? Could someone confirm?

Also, what length of bolt do I need to get to make sure i plug that stupid drain hole that caused this problem in the first place? If I remember correctly the lenght of the Timesert that comes with the kit was not quite long enough to do the trick. I am out of town on work or I would go measure myself.



The thread size is M6x1.0, and the insert should be long enough to block the drain hole. If it isn't, the drain passage must be blocked to avoid a loss of oil pressure. (If you block it before the threads get ruined, you won't need the TimeSert) Here's how:


Use a new OEM lower cover bolt after the thread repair.


I thought I read in another post that the insert that comes with the kit was about 1 mm short of covering/filling the hole. I will order the kit and the next bigger Timersert just to be sure. Also, my threads are already semi screwed up. The bottom bolt will still hold but only just. I will do the Timesert just for the piece of mind.

My oil filter drain hole is starting to feel gritty.Grey came up with a awesome idea,of filling up the hole that leads down into the threads. I know this sounds cheezy and not to take anything away from grey. All you have to do is make a correct size ball out of aluminum foil and plug that hole. Clean the threads out put the drain bolt in without the cover. Make a nice little ball out of aluminum foil and stuff the hole.You are using the bolt so you can pack it nice and tight.

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