Help! WR ~~>>YZ Timing Gone Bad


I have an '01 WR426. One of the 2 cam retaining clips seems to have decided that it might be fun to make me fish it out of the motor.

With the cylinder and head removed, i can see it slipped under the shaft (the one you rotate to find TDC).

It's kinda stuck there. I can slip a flat-tipped screwdriver under it, but it only bends and doesn't move. I've tried rotating the shaft to get it to move but it won't budge.

My question is, how the heck do I get it out of there. I want to do it myself but I don't want to take off more than necessary.

What's my next step?

Thanks for the help folks.

P.S.: I hope this timing change is worth it. :D

First off, let me say "I'm sorry" this has happened to you. Have you tried a magnet? I have also seen a screwdriver-like tool that has a retractable claw that might work. If all fails and the clip is still visible, I would take the bike to a shop and they would probably be able to fish it out for U(hopefully) :)

I made the fatal mistake of dropping the cam plug down the timing chain cover on my Mitsubishi 4X4. Had to raise the motor and drop the suspension to get the damn oil pan out to fish out the plug :D

Good Luck, I feel your pain!


drain your oil.. and remove the ignition cover of your engine.. will give you access to the shaft, if not, remove the case cover as well.... sorry that happened... and i would check everything out, never know what other damage that could have caused on the way there..

I had to pull my flywheel/rotor to get mine out.

It was OK though. I was tearing down the engine anyhoo.

I was guessing that was it.

Thanks. Any tips I should be aware of?

It might be stuck on one of the cam guides or mag or something. Since you already have the barrel off removing the flywheel and mag isn't much more of a pain that what you have already (unfortunately) had to go through.

I always have one of those telescoping magnets handy when I'm removing the cam caps (for whatever reason), and use them to grab the clips as soon as I can so this doesn't happen. You can also just drop the cam chain down in there if you have a magnet to fish it out with.

I can't remember if I used a steering wheel puller or harmonic balancer puller to get a WR flywheel off (I have a YZ but have had a few WRs apart on occasion). If there are two bolt holes then the steering puller, if three then the harmonic. It does not have a reverse threads inside the center hole like the YZ (KX, RM etc.), so that type of puller will not work.

I think the holes are 6 mm (same thread pitch as just about every other 6 mm bolt on the bike).

Also, the Mag is held on w/ 4 6mm bolts but with # 30 Torx bit heads. So when you go to Pep Boys to buy the puller pick up the Torx bit also (and get a telescoping magnet too).

Hope this helps.

I already have the torx bit and puller from my dualsport kit :D

I *will* pick up a telescopic magnet though.

Thanks, shouldn't cost me anything more than coolant, oil & time (hopefully). :D

P.S.: I hope I didn't just jinx myself. :)

sorry your luck ran out but when you have yz timed you WILL be able to catch it for sure cookeye UK

I found out myself the hard way!! After wondering what to do , I purchaced a magnet wand from SEARS, A truely inovative tool. It similar to a t.v. antenna, It can expand to about 3 feet with a powerful magnet!!! I had that sucker out in about 10 seconds!

As you can see by the respones, you are not the only one to do this...... :)

I was able to fish mine out with a strong magnet, and I was able to pull the clip out. I used a magnet off of a computer hard drive, from the outside of the case! Got the clip to wiggle, then just moved the magent up the case, and it brought the clip with it.

You will be glad that you made this effort.

Well, the carnage turned out to be not all that bad. Aside from having to refill the radiator and change the oil a couple of times (I forget to drain the coolant - oops! :)) I only managed to wreck the woodruff key and perform a Houdini with the oil seal on the compression release.

Since it's so far apart, I have ordered all the jets I need to be like Yamakaze Junior (winter & summer) and will probably remove the coolant overflow as well.

Oh yeah, I did get a magnet and all I really needed to do to get it out was remove the side cover, flywheel & rotor (stator?). Came right out. The magnet couldn't get it where it was stuck.

OTOH, what I did leaarn with this whole ordeal probably makes it all worthwhile, except for missing my riding this weekend waiting for parts.

Thanks to all who replied.

Paul Simon

and perform a Houdini with the oil seal on the compression release.

For some reason I have trouble reusing this seal and getting it to work. I don't know why that is, but I always just buy a new one when I get a gasket kit.

Just a heads up in case you haven't done this in a while:

When you put the front cam chain guide in you can sometimes "bunch" the cam chain up a tooth on the crank sprocket, then it will be too short to install the cams. So either make sure the chain is taught when you insert that chain guide (after I put the head on is when I put that part back in), or just leave your flywheel off until that point so you can make sure visually that the cam chain is on the crank sprocket correctly.

Or maybe I'm the only one who's screwed this up. :)

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