California Air Resource Board (CARB) failing

With a 34 Billion dollar state deficit, sombody tell me why this organization is necessay? I am still trying to figure out why this organization will NOT let me register my bike in Cal. As a taxpayer in Cal. I am concerned at any organization which would rather act bureaucratic than what is in the best interest of the state. This organization has to be responsible for 1000's of lost tax dollars that could go to helping our state recover. With all the state cuts coming, I hope our state govt. plans to include cuts in this department, meaning cuts in the CARB. This is a governement organization that is costing Cal. taxpayers $$$$, making bad decisions, and that we can do without. I will be paying my state tax on bike registration to another state.

I guess part of this 34 Billion dollars went so someones pocket or election campaign or whatever. It's all about personal profit!


Not to rain on your parade, but Southern California has some of the worst air quality in the country. You (and everyone else here) are not going to like hearing this, but without CARB, the state would lose even more money that it would with it. The Federal government allocates federal tax dollars for highways to each of the states. If an area does not meet the federal standars for ambient air quality, those tax dollars are reduced or witheld completely. A state has to demonstrate to the EPA that it is actively taking steps to improve air quality and that's what CARB's all about. We may not like their policies, but without changes to federal air pollution guidelines, it's a necessary evil. <flame suit on>

A state has to demonstrate to the EPA that it is actively taking steps to improve air quality and that's what CARB's all about.

No flame suit required. But you did just make my point: ALL they have to do is "take steps"; NOT solve a darned thing! Therefore, they pick an easy target that in no way is significant, but is relatively helpless at fighting back. They do not dare to take on the REAL cause or search for a REAL solution...

The new tractors my company is ordering come with new "compliance" engines. While they technically meet air standards, they are 20% less powerful and 17% less fuel efficient, and nearly 40% more expensive. They will be driven just as many miles and will therefore burn 17% MORE fuel per mile to do so while emmitting 9% less toxins per gallon for a net 8% INCREASE of pollutants per mile driven.

But hey, the government "took steps"...

Chaindrive, I totally agree with you on that point. Whether or not CARB policies are the most effective way to solve the So. Cal air quality is certainly up for debate. I'm a environmental engineer whose main job is air pollution permitting and compliance. Our company has a power plant thet is restricted from making any energy efficiency/process improvements due to the onerous EPA "New Source Review" (NSR) regulations. If we make such changes then NSR regulations kick in and require us to spend millions upgrading the pollution control equipment. Never mind that we would burn less fuel and pollute less to make the same amount of power. In addition, the pollution control equipment would require us to store thousands of gallons of some really nasty chemicals that could, if accidentally spilled, in the worst case create an environmental disaster in the form of a toxic cloud that could kill thousands of people. There is good news on the horizon at EPA regarding NSR- they are finally realizing that those policies are asinine and hopefully that attitude will extend to motor vehicles as well in the future. Have I put everyone to sleep yet? :)


I am in no way a guy who doesn't think Cal. has bad air quality, in fact I mountain bike often more times than I ride so I understand the need for clean air. I also realize the feds dictate laws to the state. But as an educator, Cal. Credentialed middle school teacher, I.E. state employee, I see a frivolous state govt. with too many govt. bodies. The Cal. DMV and the CARB are supposed to be working together and in fact, end up working independent of each other with interpretation of laws. When you try to talk to them, they become bureaucrats, with egos who think that they know how to interpret law. There are many vehicles that are not allowed to be registered in Cal when in my opinion they should be registered. Increased tax revenue! What is CARB doing about the Mobil Oil Corp. plant I drove by with its smokestacks spewing a white cloudy substance into the air? And what is the CARB doing about the many thousands of Mexican Nationals who work in San Diego but live in TJ. They drive their Mexico plated cars into the US every day and don't adhere to CARB regulations. The CARB is fighting the wrong battles. That was one point of my comment. The other point of my comment was that I hope that this organization takes a hit that is as severe as the one Cal. education is taking. Our students are losing all afterschool programs, going into larger class sizes, and good quality teachers are being laid off. Education is our future and I am 100% positive that education is a more important entity than the CARB. It is a huge state govt. institution and it can definately be reduced.

No doubt, CARB is running rich. Someone needs to install a smaller main jet, an e series needle, and perform the BK mod to lean it out. In this case, a restrictor plate would help a great deal. Cut the Gray (Davis) wire!

Seriously, the only way to tune CARB is to vote Libertarian. Our government is way too big. CARB is the perfect example.

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