Anyone racing in Laughlin NV this weekend?

Im entered in the "Best in the Desert" series this year and the first race is in Laughlin, Pro-Circut will be there to sell all of their exhaust systems for all bikes, they'll mount them up and let you test them, pretty cool! The stock pipe on my Canadian WR426 sucks sooooo bad I just might buy the Pro-Circut T4. Has anyone tried this pipe? Thanks, Dan

i just bought the t-4 for a 2000 wr400 but i haven't ridden it but maybe 5 minutes on pavement. it has way more power than stock on mid and top-way more. the bottom seems the same but once you hit the magic rpm it's a rocket. wheelies sooo much easier than before. the finish is good, the fit is kinda tight and the db's are extremely loud and very crisp, kinda sounds like a mini dragster from a distance. but the main reason i got it was it was one of the cheapest-$390 shipped and it comes with a spark arrestor which does lower the note a bit.

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