2008 450 spring rate questions

Just came back to Yamaha after several years on Hondas. What spring rates are recommended for 190lb MX Vet B? I ran 0.48/5.6 on the 07 CRF450. Will the 06 YZF450 fork springs work on the 08? Thanks.

Heh, heh. Welcome back. So I have I. . . .

The stock rates (0.47 kg/mm fork and 5.3 kg/mm shock) should be just fine. If the courses you ride are more in the Supercross category, .48's and a 5.4 or 5.5 might be better. The '06 springs will fit.

I'm the same weight as you and run stock springs on my 08. I'm a decent B rider. I have no problems after adjusting clickers and sag.


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