just bought a YZ426F

Hey ya guys, i'm new to the site and brand new to 4 strokes. i've been on 2 strokes in the past but this is a different ball game. I don't really know much about bikes either. I used to just go to a friends and hop on a 125 of some sort and go ridin. I noticed today though that the 426 is a pain in the a** to start. my buddy as well as the guy I bought it from said it's cold blooded and that I need to get used to the "trick" of startin a 4stroke. Anyone got any good tips for me? if anyone has tips for starting or just anything to help me get goin on a bike that i'm not used to, it'd be a HUGE help! I've been told this is a great site, so i hope there's someone out there that can help me out.

might try cleaning the carb, also there is a small screw at the bottom of the float bowl, try loosening that and draining the fuel, sometime moisture will collect in the bowl making it difficult to start the bike

I'll give the carb a cleaning even though the guy i got it from was able to start it on the first try. The float drain i'll check the next time i go to start it. I just started an 18 hour shift but when I get out i want to go riding.

whats an easy trick to starting it

If you are trying to start it like a two stroke, you're going to get a lot of exercise, and develop a hatred for the bike that it does not deserve, but you won't get to ride much.

Learn the technique:



Proper tuning is also important, particularly the adjustment of the idle mixture:


You should also give some thought to installing the exhaust cam from an '03-'05 YZ450 to take advantage of the auto decompression feature.

that video looked good. he explained it better than the guy i bought it from. how much the exhaust cam usually cost? it would be nice to try startin it without usin that level every time. But for hating it and wanting to get rid of it? HELL NO!!! All I've ever heard from people is how amazing of a bike the 426's are. there's no way i'm gettin rid of it. I will overcome the problem, i just need to get used to 4strokers.

Check the TT store on here for the cam, I think it s somewhere around $110 - $120 and you will be glad you spent that money. It is an easy install as well, there is a link to it in the yz forum in the common threads sticky. Tons of other usefull info in that sticky as well.

I put the Hot Cams exhaust cam in mine and I love it. But you can also put an 03 yz450 exhaust cam in it also.

Be aware that the 450 cam requires special timing procedures in the 426.

If you bought a 2000 yz426 you will need to rejet carb.

If you bought a 2000 yz426 you will need to rejet carb.
Suppose someone did that already sometime in the last 8 years?

I just bought my first 4 stroke as well. I picked up a 98 yz400. Yesterday is the first day I didn't ride it since i bought it about a week ago. Every other day has been 3-4 kicks. Today I have it one throtle twist (first time using this method) and it started in 1 kick! So those videos def are right on the throtle blip. Previous owner that sold it to me said to try not to hit the throtle at all.

it's 2001, i took it on some trails for like 4 hrs today and didn't have to much of a problem getting it to start. when i took it off the truck it took 2 kicks but i stalled it a couple times it now and then it took a while but usually it was like 1 kick and it fired rite up. I think this winter i'm goin to put the different cam in it so i don't have to deal with that annoying relief lever anymore. I will say though, changin the spark plug yesterday was a big help. before it took a lot of work to start it, with the new plug, it's a lot easier. I think i'm just gunna have to carry extras just in case i foul one out.

i got a feelin i'll be on this thing almost everyday from now on. The prvious owner told me the same thing, don't touch the gas till it's started. not sure if there's a difference yet. with that new plug it's only one or two kicks, usually... once it's warmed up and i'm in the woods, usually it was one, sometimes it was a dozen kicks.

when the bike is warm u may need to use the hot start. the red knob on the carb.

the 426 is a very dependable bike......i just bought a ktm 200sx and im startin 2 regret my choice......get use to the drill or get a 03 cam and ride the hell out of it:thumbsup:

i'm curious to know. if i do get the hot cam for it, how hard is it to change out? or would it be better to have a shop do it for me? does anyone know of a good place to get one?

If you have some basic mechanical skills it is easy. Just don't forget to re-shim for the valve clearances. I did it to my 2000 yz426f and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. It is so easy to start now, always on the first kick.

If you are in the DFW, Texas area anytime. Todd at SLM Racing is the master with these 4strokes. When I bought my 01 426 it was impossible to start. I took it in to him . He Cleaned/Rejetted the carb. Now it starts on the second kick every time with no choke. I can ride it a all day without ever having to use the hot start. FYI www.slmracing.com

I have an '00 426 and almost sold it after my first ride due to the hard start when warm problems. If I stalled it I'd have to pull the hot start, hold the comp rel lever and kick it 10 or 12 times to pump out the fuel before trying to start it. I don't know if the '01 is the same as the '00 re: the accelerator pump but if they are, you'll want to look up the BK mod. Search TT or do a Google search, you'll find it. After doing it to my 426 it starts 1st kick almost everytime and sometimes I don't even need the hot start valve when its hot. The BK mod is the addition of an adjusting screw for the accelerator pump to limit the duration of raw fuel the pump shoots when the throttle is opened. Stock is something like 1.5 seconds and the BK mod suggests .3 of a second. Been super easy to start since. Anyone else know if this is the same on the '01s as on the '00???

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