wr400 odo not working

My odo on my 1999 wr400 isn't working properly. I rode probably at least 10 miles yesterday and my tripometer says I rode a half mile. Any suggestions woudl be appreciated?



The gear in the odometer drive at the axle is done.

The worst part is that Yamaha sells it as a whole unit.

Number 13 in the pic


thanks, I'll start searching ebay or maybe I'll just buy the whole thing and be done with it.


Now I got to looking at the trail tech vapor with a tach engine temp and speedometer I think I might just get that. Anybody know if they are any good or if there are any other brands that make anything similar so I could compare. $100 is a high price but I think it might be worth it if it has any quality.



I installed a vapor a couple of months back and mine works great. I seem to remember a post about using the stock odo. mount to install the computer. There was something about flipping it over. I made my own mount since I have aftermarket clamps

ok, It seems like a good computer, but I'm still trying to justify the cost. I was also looking at the endurance which is a little cheaper but that doesn't give you your engine temp which I really like.


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