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Bought a new bike....

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Sold the Gold Wing, but couldn't see not replacing it with something. So I bought a 2008 Kawasaki ZX-6R & even had plenty left to put in the bank. I have a Two Brother's slop-on, PCIII & K&N air filter on her so far. Lot's of fun, but with only 43 lbs of stock torque it's like riding a two stroke, as there is no life under 10,000 RPM. Get it up to 12,000 & better hold on. 🙂

Still love my SM 610 though, never will I depart with my sexy, touque monster.:D

08 ZX-6R 001.jpg

ZX 6R 002.jpg

ZX 6R 004.jpg

08 ZX-6R 002.jpg

ZX 6R 006.jpg

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