Riding West out I-70?

ANy great places to go in CO near Georgetown, or anywhere out there really? Maybe some 4-wheeling trails. Let me know if you guys have some spots that would be good for about a 4 or 5 hour ride.


Hey I ride just off of I-70 in utah. It's awsome!!! The best place ive ever gone. Its in the San rafeal area about 15 miles west of green river utah. It is starting to get alittle warm now but in the fall and early spring its amazing. Let me know if you want more info.

I know of one that starts from George town. I almost bought a house there and was checking things out.

Get off I-70 and head over by the lake but stay on the South side. If you go to the lake cross the bridge and work your way back west. Stick to the mountain. If you find a old tennis court you are real close. Look up along the side of the mountain and you will see a road that looks like it is going to a guys house about a 1/4 mile up. The road cuts back again and continues all the way up to the top. If you pass a boyscout camping cabin on the way up on the right your are on the right road. Ounce on top there are hunter roads going all over. Some places there are trees so thick you feel like you are going in a tunnel. I puttered around there for several hours and followed a stream which took me out on the Mt. Evans road. I then took the frontage road back up to George town.

This was several years back but I bet it is still open.

Good Luck!

You can get off on Falls River Road and get into a lot of riding right from the road. Look for entrance #243 or you can go further up the road towards St. Mary's Glacier and before you get there , there is a turn to the left with an entrance to the trail system.

Or you can go into Empire (towards Winter Park) and half way through the town is a road (turn right) that will take you up to a trail system. Not exactly sure what road though. I would have to see it to find it.

Follow I70 to Idaho Springs, take the 2nd exit if your coming west from Denver and follow the road that goes to Mt. Evans. Approx. 5 miles after you leave I70 look for Ute Creek road on the right, or go a little further down the road and look for Cascade Creek road. Both of these roads turn into 4x4 roads and go up over the mountain, highest point is around 11300ft. per my GPS. If you continue following FS712.2 it will take you into Georgetown. There are not many parking/staging spots off of either of these roads and if your pulling a trailor it could be a little tricky, I would recommend a pickup.

You can also drive to Alice and go up to Kingston peak and drop into the Blackhawk/Central City area. Get a USFS map for Arapahoe National forest for better details. Take care of all your mapping needs at the USGS office in the Fed Center right off of 6th ave. and Kipling.

Hope this helps.

Gee, you know what's up...Thanks a lot for the info. I guess it's looking like Rampart may be partly spared-keep your fingers crossed-thanks again!


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