stainless steel steel wool

Any good marina or marina supply store will carry s.s. as well as bronze and brass wool, esp. those that cater to wooden boat owners. Commonly used for fine finishing and should be easy to find in whatever quantity you need.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

jmiakaike , i was looking at the mesh but it might be to going to give them a call and get a little more info on it.ive made a new modified core for my wb promeg and would like to do a couple sound tests with regular fiber packing and stainless steel wool packing.too see if packing material makes a big difference in sound output.


they have much coarser mesh.. not sure how to buy from them.. couldn't seem to find info on that.. i would definitely be interested to know what you find out with your sound test, since i will now be subject to them and my bike isn't even running yet.



Ever thought of using aluminum machining shavings? I am going to try it for packing my muff! Light wieght, and probably damn cheap. :)


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