Cylinder coatings for a yz426f big bore kit

I am looking at getting a big bore kit for my yz426f. The 2 kits that I am looking at are the Luke's Racing and the Max Power kit. The Luke's racing kit has a Nikasil coating and the Max Power has a Apticote Ceramic 2000 coating. Which is better or what are the differences?

what cc are they and whats the cost if you dont mind me asking. thanks

The are both 444. The Luke's kit goes for $425 and the Max Power kit goes for $550. I just didn't know if one of the coatings was better than the other.

Apticote 2000 and NiCom (and others) are names for basically the same thing: Nikasil (electrodeposited oleophilic nickel matrix silicium carbide coating (NiSiC)). Nikasil was first introduced by Mahle (a German engine component company) in 1967, and it has been undergoing tweaking by industrial chemists ever since. Every once in a while, someone comes up with a new flavor and puts a new name on it.

nice post gray

mahle makes one of the best pistons for car/truck engines so they know their shit

Well thanks guys for your posts. I guess Luke's is the way to go if the coatings are the same.

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