wr450 ignition ???

i was just looking through the international motorshow pics of the wr450 looking for an answer to my question. i cauldn't see clearly in the ignition pic,Q: "does it have a key lockable ignition??? :)

if not is it posible to fit with out too many problems?


I do not think there is anything lockable by key on this race bikes... If you are asking for ignition key lock like in your car I'm sure it does not have...

I've got the dealer video for 2003 Yamaha YZF/WRs. There is a on/off button next to the odometer. Push it and a red light comes on. Once the engine is running the light goes off.


Convert the video to digital and hook us up with a copy!!

I don't have the technology. Give me your address and I'll mail it to you. :):D :D


Check your PM's!!


Your welcome. :):D :D

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