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Can a stator be repaired ???

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Can a stator be repaired? The stator in my 1973 XL250 Honda is bad,

the bike has not run since 1990 . Took the stator to the Honda shop

they said it was grounding out – stator was not “ floated to ground “

so I need to find one . I thought that I might try taking it apart and

look for any broken wires and solder them- any one out there

ever fixed one .I see used ones 4sale on eBay but you could get

a bad part . I am new on the list and this is my first post would

appreciated any help i can get with this problem .

thanks much . bobknab _ granville tn.

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talked to rmstator - rewind cost 150.00

for the 73-XL250 -1 year warrenty

and technical support - they are in Cadana ---

Contacted -- www.customrewind.com -- in Alabama ,lots of stuff

A intresting web site at - http://www.wisegeek.com

about electric motor and why they fail ------------------

if any one on the list has a good used 1973 xl250 stator let me know ///

thanks for the help - bobknab ------------------------------------

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