Fork Sub Tank?


i was wondering if any of you out there have used a sub tank on your front forks? What difference will they make?

I ride more of trails but ride road too since mine is street legal.

Whats the cost of one set of billet aluminum sub tanks?

Are they worth it?

I am thinking of getting one but am not sure if i should? Please advise.


What's a sub tank?

If you are talking about an extra tank, i've used an acerbis plastic one of 5 liters for desert racing and it works great. tank and connection kit are sold separated. It goes on the front fork instead of the number plate

sub tanks, there are two, one for each leg, are connected to your fork to the air bleed valve on top.. what they are supposed to do is make your forks believe they have more oil than they do, to make them plusher at slow speeds and on small bumps, but when you hit something big or land a big jump, they will still not bottom( i could be mistaken about how they work... but do a search here under sub tanks and you should find info)


Yup, they are actually two external tanks that hold extra oil or rather displaces it so the forks will not bottom.

Fool the suckers!

I am told they will actually make the forks more plush. They are also attached to the forks or behind the number plate.

**Question is are they worth getting at all?

I won't be changing the fork springs and i am only changing the oils and seals.

So ?

Should i just stick to the good ol' forks on their own.

Or just go with the fork sub tanks.

The ones i am considering are billet aluminum tanks.

Pretty trick looking but not like the carbon fibre ones i saw before.....

Let me know if any of you have used one before.



I have a set, and IMO they are worth the money. They do exactly as stated above. The forks are more plush and have a greater bottoming resistance.

My suspension is set up by JM Racing in Spring, TX. I believe the cost for the tanks is $200.

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