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camp wood Nice riding area!

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Camp wood is pretty cool in prescott..Real pain in the butt to find (thanks mapquest) and the trails are nice.. If you have a pit bike freakin hoot! I went up alone with my 110 mid bike and rode for about 2 hrs..the engine was down some hp as i didnt rejet but it still ran good nuff to go beat on it on some trails..was going to camp over night but i came back to PHX as i realized how much camping sucks alone..

All the trails are Motorcycle freindly and the main road is one big loooong dirt road with some sick twistys which woulda been sweet if i still had my RD 350 flattracker..only reqirement is you need a spark arrestor... Real nice camp spots and it is real remote, great views too..

the trails werent too technical so you could bring the kids but i am shure there are some real hard trails there...🙂

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