Final Drive And Idle Suggestions For A '99 Yz400f

Hello Everyone,

I have a recently purchased '99 YZ400F, and have a few questions:

1. My YZ400F that is great for most riding, but is geared too high for some of the tighter wooded trails in my area. I have to slip the clutch more than I'd like, and am worried that I'll burn it out. I'm thinking that maybe I should change the final drive gearing, which I have verified is stock. Does anyone have suggestions regarding a good ratio? What chain length will I need with the change? Will I have to change the chain rollers/guides?


iuchange the sprockets you should change the chain along with it.

get a rear sprocket with more teeth or a front sprocket with less. just play around with a combo you like

Go 13/50 or 14/51 for tight woods. The stock chain length will work with these two setups. I run the 14/51 on my 426 in the tight stuff and it works great.

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