2006 yz450 vs. 2007 yz450

Hey guys I'm new here usually I spend time on Georgiaoffroad.com, but because I'm selling my 2 stroke to buy a 4 stroke.

After ridding my friend's 07 yz450f I can think anything, but where to buy my own.

Now as you can tell from the title, is there any difference between 07 and 06 ?

Any help is greatly appreciated since I want to buy one tomorrow to ride on Tuesday at TRA.

Thanks Mark

The '06 has a bit better low end power and a little plusher suspension, which both lend themselves to offroading better than the top end power bias and stiffer, more pro MX-like suspension of the '07. These differences are minor, however, so in truth, whichever is in better shape for the price is your best buy.

I ride MX only and so suspension is important

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