02 WR

Just picked up my new ride. Been off bikes for 3 years but couldn't stay off.


The throttle mod I downloaded off this site by Mike Hobbs is for a 99 WR and recomends taking 8.5 Mm of the stop. Is this true for the 02 as well I need the straight info before I carve on the carb. Someone, former service manager, @ the shop I bought the bike from said about 3Mm. Big difference eh?

Nice bulletin board you have hear.

Hi Puck !

Picked a good bike to get back into sport with - I did too.

I took off the bolt and cut off nipple (with hack saw) down to were the threads start.

I have had no problems and only took 15 minutes to complete. ( did it while carb still installed )

Others have stated to remove entirely and/or get a YZ throttle stop.

Good luck!


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