Rekluse Clutch

I have ridden a WR since 1998 (a new one almost every year) and love them, but for some reason I bought an 06 YZ450. Great bike with tons of power, but I can't stand how the gearing is so high (I do a ton of very technical, single track bush riding), and it will stall at low rpms even when you work over the clutch. I bought a 53 tooth rear sprocket, but still find the gearing is not what I like. I was looking to get some fly wheel weights to help the stalling, but then saw the Rekluse clutch. I have seen them before, but never looked further into them. Can anyone give me some feed back on how they feel? I am kind of worried it will feel like my sons KTM 50, and be real jerky when it engauges. I was also wondering about the pro vs the starter. What is the main difference. I have read the web site, but as I say hoping someone has real world experience with them. Thanks.

I just recently put one on my 450, I have had trouble cornering and stalling since I wen't to a 4 stroke. After riding a 2st again I realized it was a recent shoulder injury that was affecting my use of the clutch in some corners. I installed mine with their mx settings and love it on the track, it does feel a little grabby when going slow in the pits but I am sure it can be tuned out with a different setting. I have the Pro model and when I need it to clear a jump I cannot even tell it is on the bike. I will never ride again without one.

Thanks. Do you know the difference in the pro vs the regular one?

Besides the money, you have no clutch lever use at all on the standard. On the Pro you have no clutch at idle but as soon as you get off idle the clutch lever can be used normally or not used at all.

In you opinion is it worth the extra money for the clutch usage on a 450? I don't really care about the cost, but I want it to work. Thanks.

The Pro model is absolutely worth the money.

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