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Tank Talk: Acerbis/IMS/Clarke/Safari?

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I have a 2007 Suzuki DRZ400sm, and I want a bigger gas tank.

I conducted a "gas tank" search on this forum, read every thread, and my brain is going crazy trying to make a decision on a larger tank...🙂:D

:banghead:Let's Review, Shall We?::banghead:

1. IMS & Clarke 3.2 tanks

They look good, but only add 1/2 a gallon (22/23 miles). I know, every drop helps.

Conclusion=damned good looking,:worthy::ride: but you don't get much further down the road, and you are now without a locking gas tank....

2. Clarke 3.9 tank

Adds 1.2 gallons-which is great-but, it's U-G-L-Y (it looks like there is a volcano between your legs:eek:. I believe it to be the sensible choice, however I am having trouble reaching the "acceptance" portion of the "denial>anger>bargaining>depression>acceptance" process.........

In my defense for being blatantly style conscious, I cite many 3.9ers who refer to their tank as a "ball buster" (does that mean it's uncomfortable?). Plus, we have the no locking gas tank issue.....

3. IMS 4.0 tank.

It looks pretty good to me, adds plenty of extra fuel, but some posts mention problems with installation/fit and consistent tank fabrication/quality... Also, I am interested in the ergonomics of the IMS 4.0.

Could someone with one of these tanks will you please chime in with regards to installation, fit, and ergonomics of this tank? Again, no gas tank lock.

4. Acerbis 4.25 tank.

Decent looking, not as "volcano-ish" as the Clarke 3.9. Has great fuel capacity. Has a locking gas tank :banghead: Apparently you can keep the horn, but must remove the fan. I like this tank, but, am concerned about the fan problem, and about ergonomics/comfort. Could someone discuss their experience on the fan and ergonomic issues?

5. Safari tank.

Big, not bad looking. One serious gas tank. How is the installation/bike fit, and ergonomics?

6. Clarke 3.6 tank

I love this tank. Has anyone been able to fit it onto an sm? How did you do it? What mods?

My priorities, in order, are:

>Ergonomics- how does it feel? not too wide and bulky, keeping within the spirit of the nimble and trim nature of the DRZ400sm),

>Installation/appropriate fit for the sm model - I'm not afraid to do mods, I just want them to to be possible.

>Function/quality-more gallons, sturdy plastic

>Style-when you look good, you feel good:banana:


I like the Clarke 3.6, Acerbis 4.25, and IMS 4.0 tanks the best.

Could owners of these tank please tell me about installation, ergonomics, and photos!

Thanks in advance,


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