KLX300 plastics,graphics

OK well i own a 1998 KLX300R , its an awesome bike, but it sucks when i want to buy things 4 it. Does anyone no where i can find plastics or graphics for a KLX300:mad: , Right now i have some 250 graphics that i made work, but id like some right ones. if u can help it would be greatly apreciated,

Thanks: Rich :)

Try Maier plastics.They have had a good selection of parts for the KLX.I just ordered new shrouds and graphics for my '03 300.For the graphics I used Graphics MX.Hope this helps ya'

If you don't mind an extra bit of $$, xgxracing-dot-com makes some awesome KLX specific shrouds and kits, and the have a lot of unique styles that can be made into a KLX300 fit. I have the green flaming skulls on mine and they are sweet.

As for plastics, the only change I have made is to the forks. I did the conversion to the KX250 fork guards. Still need to do the brake line mod but started a pro-street 68 cuda project which will siphon funds for all bike work (save repairs) for a while ;-)

You can see pics of the guards and graphics here:


BikeBandit.com has all the stock parts for a KLX for about any year you want.

I have a set of shrouds with new XGX graphics I would be willing to sell.

let me know...


do the side panel plastics from the klx 300 fit on the klx 250? does anyone know?

Bump for Sangair and his plastic! Sorry about not picking them up I really wanted the carb! HEHE

PM sent

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