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do people actually do this???

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Found some bad things yesterday. I got home from work and started to work on the bike and looked in the oil sight glass to discover that a fair amount of the coolant I had poured into the radiator had migrated into the crankcase. So I drained it, pulled the right engine cover and based on the off-white goup in the case immediately surrounding the water pump area it appears that the coolant is leaking around the water pump shaft. I'm glad it's something like that and not a cracked cylinder or something. Still disappointing though, because the kid that sold it to me told me it ran but was fouling plugs, but he wasn't "real mechanical" and didn't have the time or know-how to fix it. I'm thinking he was mechanical enough to know that oil+coolant=bad and didn't have the moral fiber to be honest with a stranger. Convenient for him that I was 3 hours away and had my brother go look at it.

I also looked at the kickstarter since I already had it apart, to try to figure out why the ratchet is not engaging. A the parts look brand new, very little wear. I bought a set of the parts on ebay yesterday so I'm gonna swap out the whole shaft/ratchet/spring/gear assembly and see what happens. I need to check the microfiche to see if there are any washers or spacers missing that would allow enough play in the system that the spring can't keep the ratchet engaged.

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