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'06 CRF450 Fork Spring Question

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Good Morning everyone...

Replaced fork seals this weekend, and followed the manual/above sticky to get it done. However during the process I discovered something odd, and I have a question!

Odd: My left front fork is softer than my right front fork. I assume this isn't normal, and I assume the "spring" itself is just softer (worn out/whatever) Is this a common thing? Is this *normal*? Compressing the forks it is pretty easy to feel the difference between the two sides.

Question: When you "set" the lock nut at the bottom of the fork, then screw on the adjuster/center bolt. What is that accomplishing? The manual spells out setting it to 11-13mm then screw the center cap on, and check the clearance between the center nut and lock nut (1.5mm - 2mm) "then" hand tighten the lock nut up to the center nut and tighten it (jam it so it locks). What I don't understand is what this is doing? If your going to jam the lock nut up anyway, and it's based on where that lock nut was when you started. What does that buy you? (I hope that description makes sense...)

TIA for any info.

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