Avon calling

Has anyone put Avon Distanza street tires on their WR450? I deal with Tire Express, and these are about the only thing they offer as far as a road tire for this bike. I've never had any Avon anything, but they supposidly make a decent sportbike tire.

Is there anyting better out there. I'm gunna stick with stock rims, just like God and Yamaha intended. I want to do both street and dirt riding and can change my own tires. Looking to save my knobbies by not grinding em down on the asphalt.

I don't like the look of the Maxxis tire. I know that's kind of dumb, but that's the way it is. Not crazy about the fact that they're made in Tiwain, either.

Still liking the Avons, in spite of the girlie name.

i have michelin pilot powers but i also have 17s. i love them to death when they get warm they stick and are good in the rain.


I had a set of avons on mine for awhile . they were good on the road for a ds tire. but not so hot in the slick mud or grass..

Yeah, you can't beat the look of 17" wheels with Pilot Powers. I run em on my street bikes. You aint kiddin they stick. I'd like to experence a Motard sometime. For me, 17's and Powers are way down the line, if it ever happens at all. BTW, what size tire is that?

The most I'd ask of the Avons is gravel and dry dirt. Beyond that I'd stick the knobbies back on.

Is it possible to get a knee down on the street on a WR? (Falling off doesn't count.) I've seen pics off guys close, but no cigar. That seat is so high, it'd have to be tough.

Oh, and Roush, just what kind of exaninations go on in that garage?

Where'd you get the rear axle spools? Will a PitBull work with those?

Wouldnt you like to know what goes on. haha its a 5in rear with a 160 rear. o would recommend a 150 tire. im still taking the crap off the tire so i havent fully laid it down but i believe you can

the trick is not to drag the knee

foot out and back the bike in

o avon distanzia (cough cough)

750 miles and i had to throw them away

major cuping and illregular tread wear

dunlop makes a sport max i believe for the rear

front i dunno thats why i went to 17's

to drag a knee on a wr450sm you have to slide your butt about 3/4's of the way off that side of the seat . I find that is way too much effort , But I have dragged the pegs with a foot out. I just put a 150 /70/17 on my bike and I find it harder to drop in then I did with the 160/60/17.

roushxteam199 you really need get one of one ofe these chain blocks . they not only help save the side of your tire but they also make the chain last longer...


ya i saw them at the supermoto race last weekend and loved them. im going to make one with bearing. i just really havent had any time

the problem with using a roller style there is the fact that the chain has move up and down .This kind of side load on a bearing will kill it . You would be better of just making a slide plate to guide the chain.

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