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1983 YZ125K tech data...

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Hi folks;

By a bit of good luck an old YZ125K fell into my hands a few weeks ago. She was a bit rough around the edges and didn't start but after a new piston ring and water pump drive she was good to go.

The bike has been through the wars a bit, obviously ridden like it was meant to be but quite poorly maintained! And I'm personally having a great deal of trouble getting it to run right. There's all the usual symptoms of bad carb setup (blackish wet spark plug, plenty of smoke, flat spots in the rev range, won't start without a push) and thanks to you guys I have all the info I need to sort it out.

BUT... I've scoured the internet from top to bottom to find a little bit of simple data, and come up with nothing. Here's what I'm looking for, maybe someone witha manual for one of these old bikes can help...

1. Stock carburettor float height.

2. Stock needle and jet settings.

3. Stock ignition timing, and the method for setting this. (this is the first bike I've had without clearly visible timing marks stamped somewhere!)

Once I have all these settings dialled in again and made sure the previous owner hasn't buggered it all up I can make a start on tuning it properly. At the moment my brother's 1992 DT125 blows it into the weeds, and I can't be having that!

Cheers folks!

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