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Does anybody know when all of the 09 products will come out ?

Like graphics,jerseys etc.

I just saw the 09 gear from fox and thor on btosports.com,

and saw some 09 graphics.

But only like 0.2/4 of all the products are out.🙂

I also looked at sikspak's home page and the prices suddenly went up on the old products. For example the whiskey bent kit for the crf was $60 and now it is $70.:D Not a lot but it's still weird that old products goes up in price:thumbsdn:. I emailed sikspak and asked them but haven't got any answer yet.

Anyways im just curious, can't wait to see all the 09 goodies, it's almost like christmas when all the new products come out haha. Anyways thanks for any kind of info.

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